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Linux Outlaws 67 - Host Busses Don't Grow on Trees

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This week we discuss Linux on the iPhone, Cuban cigars, host busses, more German government fail and we talk to Thomas Perl of gPodder about his project, Python 3000 and much more…

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0:02:44 Introduction

  • Fab was right about the Cuban cigars — thanks to Greg Lyles, Bob Konior and TK009 for verifying that
  • linea is a bloke
  • The lead developer of CrunchBang Linux is called Philip Newborough aka. corenominal
  • Becky Hogge is leaving the Open Rights Group, best of luck to her in the future
  • Thanks to everybody who is supporting us on Podcast Alley!
  • beetlespace found an Ubuntu version for visually impaired users: Vibuntu
  • New Springsteen & E Street Band album Working on a Dream out Jan 27

0:12:34 Open Source Releases

0:20:40 News Stories

0:43:13 Microwatch

0:48:44 Interview

We speak to Thomas Perl of gPodder about his project, what he thinks of Python 3000 and how he thinks Free and Open Source Software can best be improved.

If you want to help out with gPodder development, check out their wiki and report any bugs you find on their bug tracker. You can get also the latest packages of the software for many distributions here.

1:18:13 Tip of the Week

1:18:44 Listener Feedback



  • Mark Adams wrote to tell us that Adam Williamson is leaving Mandriva — what a shame!
  • Mats Taraldsvik likes it when we have guests on and he still likes Opera Mini
  • Ralph wants to help FLOSS projects at helpfloss.org
  • Ben Stokes tells us about unetbootin, also check out his blog
  • Moggers recommended the RPM Fusion repo for 3rd party Fedora packages
  • Steve from Australia did also tell us about the iPhone on Linux story
  • Dennis from Australia asks what Fab has against Aussies and says we have to title an episode “Bucking Kangaroo” as a penance; he also tells us a bit about recent IT initiatives by their government
  • TK009 thinks that for every Fedora desktop in the wild there are probably two Ubuntu ones (he’s a Fedora user himself) and he also thinks that Fedora have rediscovered their focus with the last two releases
  • tloo wrote to tell us that the new Fedora Plymouth bootloader works with any VESA if you add a special vga argument to your GRUB
  • Also thanks to Thomas, Alfred Nutile, Bob Kovacs, John V., JZA, The Great Gazoo, Kevin Daire, Patrick Dailey, Morten Fucking-Long-Name and Peter Cannon for their emails this week

Song: Edge Of Design from the album Denied By Reign by Severed Fifth

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