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Linux Outlaws 43 - The Unbreakable Car

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This time, Fab reviews Bazaar, we have lots of feedback, many rants and we talk about version numbering as well as Hans Reiser again.

Introduction and Housekeeping (01:15)

  • Errata: librum means “book”, not library
  • No Beer of the Week as Fab’s fridge was empty
  • We explain where the show title comes from
  • Fab mocks Apple a bit, especially MobileMe

Releases and News Stories (09:23)

In-Depth Topics and Listener Feedback (45:34)

  • Fab reviews Bazaar and talks about the difference between centralised and distributed version control systems
  • Tip of the Week: We explain how to create “desktop applications” from web pages (ie. GMail) with Mozilla Prism<br/><br/>
  • Kaity G. B. says openSUSE’s logo is an iguana not a chameleon — Fab still disagrees; she also tells us about the Gnome Online Desktop for which Fab created a post on the Ubuntu Brainstorm site (please vote for it)
  • Benny tells us about the Acer Aspire One
  • Simon Vass from Uganda asks about mirroring our episodes and laughs at Fab’s Africa slip-up from a few weeks back
  • Steve suggests we rename ourselves “Dapper Dan and Feisty Fab, aka. the outlaw rustlers of the Linux penguin Hurd” and tells us that Linux surpassed Windows 98 in desktop use recently — yeehaw?; he also suggests Dan should call his British distro “Bollux”
  • PedanticSteve from Southern California wants us to try out On The Rainslick Precipice of Darkness, which Fab will do when he gets around to it
  • Tom McCarthy sends us an email detailing File Retention Technology, or FaRT for short
  • kindofabuzz tells us we should put about:robots into Firefox’s location bar and see what happens
  • TaCo wants Fab to get another iPhone — no chance!
  • Eric Bannon tells us a gruesome Vista story and says Fab should review Früh Kölsch
  • Andy Baxter liked Jonathan Coulton’s Re Your Brains and suggests we should cover more open source non-Linux topics from time to time

Dan mentions he will be checking out Open Source City in Liverpool next week. If you have any comments on this episode, please tell us in the forums.

The theme music for this podcast is a song called “Sudo Modprobe”, it was written by Fab and produced and performed by Dan and Fab. The artwork for the album cover and the site including the Outlaw Tux was created by Fab. All material in this podcast is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.