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Linux Outlaws 40 - Software Freedom, Lawsuits & Poker

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In this special episode, we talk to Bradley M. Kuhn of the FSLC & FSC about software freedom, litigation against open source developers, the future and thread of web services that aren’t open, the AGPL and poker.

Introduction and Housekeeping (01:38)

The usual introduction and we also explain why we surprise you with this special episode. Also some behind the scenes insight.

The Interview (04:21)

We talk to our first ever guest on the show, Bradley M. Kuhn from the Software Freedom Law Center and the Software Freedom Conservancy, about software freedom, the organisations that Bradley works for, free software licenses, litigation against open source developers, what closed web services mean for the future of free software and even his poker play.

Bradley was very forthcoming and nice to us and the fact that Fab was a bit nervous was all but made up by Dan’s valiant research effort. We think this is a very interesting and entertaining interview and hope you like it. If you have any comments, please tell us in the forums.

Please also consider supporting the SFLC in the magnificent work they do every day.

Listener Feedback (58:00)

  • Darren Wick from Ohio likes the podcast and is looking to get in contact with Toby Stafford who was a student of his and who we read an email from on one of our earlier shows — Toby, if you are reading this, hop on the foorums!
  • Bill Toulas has canceled all his magazine subscriptions and is relying on us and LugRadio for all his Linux info — slightly worrying…
  • Rick Floyd sends us a link to this video of a lady doing many accents:

  • Jim Shaver sends us another iPhone/iPod Touch tip and tells us about his podcast The Window Breakers
  • Thomas Perl from gPodder complains about Fab, like, saying “like” all the time — he doesn’t like it…
  • Jan-Michael Bylczynski tells Fab where he could get Guinness in cans in Germany and asks about AVM/Fritzcard USB-WiFi problems
  • the glza sends us various comments and recommends Farscape to Fab and Fell to Dan — Fab recommends the Serenity comics from Dark Horse
  • Nido Media gives Fab another RAID shoeing and tells us about “Bloody Massive Linux” as well as OpenMusic
  • Johan B sends comments on InAudible again — enough already!
  • Terry Love prompts us on British Linux distros (compared to the German ones)

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