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Linux Outlaws 136 - Make Love, Not Proprietary Software

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This week on the show: Moblin and Maemo now MeeGo, Google launches Buzz, the Olympics on Linux, no more freeze in Fedora Rawhide and more…

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0:01:45 | Introduction

0:11:55 | Releases & News

0:50:58 | Microwatch

0:57:46 | Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks a bunch to Blake Mattern, George Naylor and Jessie Berlin!
  • Forums: Check out linuxoutlaws.com/flamewar

  • Frank Bell doesn’t like Aldiko because he finds it “aggressively unfree”, he prefers FBreader
  • In contrast stark, George Naylor loved it and even supported them with his money
  • Daniel “Not Cloud Man” Devine sent us this cool beer backport patch for Episode 134:
  • Les “Quarter” Pounder” says Blackpool LUG are looking for new members to join them every Saturday between 10am and 12pm
  • Beeza wrote us with his thoughts concerning Fab’s comments on VB and Windows development
  • Other emails this week from John Scheuvront, Juan Mares, scarffo, Andreas Marschke, Reine, Len Cooley, Nathan Neff, Stephen Parsons, Dan Dart, Rex Djere and Dan Scott
  • The Ubuntu UK Podcast is back!

  • Event: FOSScon in Rochester, NY on June 19

Song: Out Of My Mind by Cavashawn from their self-titled single

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