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Linux Outlaws 102 - Goo/Linux

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This week on the show, we talk with Bradley Kuhn of the SFLC about the recent Mono developments (are the Mono Wars over?), Google and their Chrome OS (is Google taking on Microsoft?), new Chrome and upcoming Firefox features and much more.

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0:00:54 | Introduction

0:07:40 | Releases & News

0:45:50 | Microwatch

0:52:30 | Interview

We talk to Bradley Kuhn from the Software Freedom Law Center about these new developments around Mono. Are the Mono Wars over? If you are interested in this topic, also make sure to check out the latest episode (0x11) of the Software Freedom Law Show for more in-depth viewpoints on this topic.

1:28:16 | Feedback

Song: La Terrible Maldicion De Tutankamon by The Dead Rocks from the album One Million Dollar Surf Band

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