we aim to misbehave

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two pragmatic linux users talk about the latest developments in free and open software and culture

About the Show

Linux Outlaws is a weekly podcast by two Linux users from Germany and the UK who talk about Linux, open source and free software from a pragmatic, international and hands-on perspective. We aim to bring you the latest Linux and free software news and in-depth analysis, all served with a healthy dose of relaxed (and occasionally pretty mature) humour. Production quality has always been important for us which means we prioritise audio quality over covering the news as timely as possible. This is an intrinsic core value of the show, especially since Dan is a professional audio engineer.

We have been running since September 2007 with only minor pauses here and there and we have consistently produced more than one episode per week on average since we started. We are now getting about 50,000 downloads a month and have reached over a million total downloads.

Freedom Matters

While both Dan and Fab are not averse to using proprietary software if it is radically better than the free alternatives, we continuously try open source competitors and give our best to promote freedom as much as possible. The show itself is produced 100% with free software tools, the only unfree component in our workflow at the moment is Skype which we use to talk to each other (while the recordings happen locally at both ends). We are, however, actively working to rectify this situation as soon as possible.

The servers that run the Linux Outlaws infrastructure use a completely free software stack on top of CentOS and the show itself is mostly produced by Fab on Fedora boxes while Dan uses whatever distro he is on at the time.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Please be aware that Linux Outlaws contains strong swearing and explicit content. Consume in moderation.